We strive to tackle the Australia Oil/Gas market by improving our sales and production service to Australian Oil/Gas operators. We partner with our clients to meet their desired production goals, while reducing downtime, cutting costs and driving safety and reliability in the field. We deliver reliable and highly-engineered ultra-long stroke lifting system and packaged solutions to Australia Oil/Gas operators. Our breakthrough innovations in ultra-long stroke lifting systems have been changing the way operators view their long-term production through artificial lift. Our production lifting system professionals will collaborate with you to properly evaluate well conditions and provide customized solutions, helping you to optimize your production for the life of your wells. Our services includes:


Installation Services

Our field service engineers work as a team to install new units safely and efficiently to any location in Australia. Free installation services are available for all makes and models.

Maintenance and Repair Service

We help establish preventive maintenance priority based on the asset priority, unit condition, and historical data. Inspection processes can be tailored to your unique requirements and objectives, and repair recommendations are filtered to give you sensible and justifiable options that suit your maintenance budget. Repair services include:

  • complete bearing repair services for damaged component housings
  • complete gearbox repair and rebuilding services on all makes and models
  • repair of structural pumping unit components, including head and beam straightening and new component construction
  • air cylinder repair with exchange inventory available
  • unit adjustments to include stroke changes, balances, alignments, and strokes-per-minute adjustments.


Training Services

Proper education and training play a key role in establishing and maintaining correct wellsite procedures and providing superior performance. Free training services will be provided to help you reduce risk, extend the life of your well equipment, and increase production. These training include:

  • Onsite field training
  • Technical support training
  • Care & Handling training
  • System failure reporting and training


Production Services

Unasenk partners with the local operators to improve their production efficiency through production service. With a few breakthrough and patented technologies on artificial lifting system, Unasenk is able to help you bring the abandoned production wells back and improve the production for wells which have very low marginal profit. It won’t cost you a penny as we will install our ultra-long stroke system on your oilfield for free and provide production service at our cost and share the profit with client.

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