Successful Case 1 : Long Stroke Pump Unit Pilot Test


The first pilot test on the long-stroke pumping unit was performed on January 10, 2014 on well NF246 in the M reservoir of the Laojunmiao Oil Field, Daqing. The test was designed to verify long stroke pumping unit strokes, stroke times, pump efficiency, and power savings through comparison of two pumping unit on same well at same displacement for production. The following is a comparison of the production data of two pumping units:

The parameter changes of the two pump units from the above data comparison can be summarized as:

  1. Stroke increased from the original 1.8m to 47.5m;
  2. The number of pump strokes decreased from the original 270/h to 1.875/h.

The results of this experiment shows:

  1. The daily power consumption of long stroke pump unit is only 21% of beam pump unit;
  2. System efficiency and pump efficiency increased by 20% and 63% respectively

The test has fully verified the low-power and high pump efficiency production advantages of the long-stroke pumping unit we developed. The test results have been recognized with positive feedback from CNPC Laojunmiao Oilfield. It also helps to provide effective data for introducing long-stroke pumping unit to CNPC.

NF246 well of K1X reservoir Laojunmiao oilfield