Successful Case 2: Site Test on Well L9-2501 Daqing Production Oil Field


L9-2501 well field test of sixth oil production plant of Daqing oilfield in 2015

In March 2016, the company carried out on-site comparative test of long-stroke pumping unit and traditional beam pumping unit for L9-2501 well of Daqing Oil Production No.6. Beam pumping unit was used for production with daily liquid 24 tons, stroke 1.98 meters, stroke times 276 times / hour, precipitability 618.4 meters, daily power consumption 43 kwh before test. With the pumping stroke 42.6 meters, punching 9.5 times / Hour, daily production of 35 tons, sunk degree of 590 meters and daily power consumption of 167.3 kWh on our long stroke pump unit, the output of crude oil increased by about 50%, and power consumption was reduced by 37.9%. The system efficiency was significantly improved.


                                             Well L9-2501 commissioning production status comparison