Successful Case 4 : Authoritative Test

Authoritative research test—-Test well of oil recovery engineering research institute:

In October 2016, a simulation test of pumping units with different degrees of submergence was conducted on the No. 4 standard simulated test well of Daqing Production and Research Institute to test the operating efficiency of the flexible ultra-long-stroke oil extraction device under different working conditions.

Following test results are summarized by Daqing Oil Production Institute:

(1) After the long-stroke pumping unit was used, the pumping unit output and the dynamic liquid surface are tested under the conditions of 252m, 380m, and 510m of the dynamic fluid surface. From the perspective of pump efficiency, although the pump efficiency decreased along with decrease of perceptibility, the pump efficiency is greater than 83%. It is obvious that long-stroke pumping pumps work better.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          (2) From the perspective of system efficiency, with the deepening of the dynamic surface, the system efficiency has increased significantly. When the liquid level reaches 510m, the system efficiency reaches about 40%. Further pumping system efficiency could be obtained on high level. Obviously the flexible long-stroke oil production device system has a higher efficiency.