Main Product

Ultra-Long Stroke Pump Unit

Ultra-long stroke pump unit eliminates the problems of traditional rod lifting system on low production efficiency resulted from high frequency on short stroke, high power consumption, high maintenance cost and serious wear of the rod tubing. The stroke of the ultra-long stroke pump unit may reach as deep as 50 meters and the stroke frequency is approx 1/120 of the traditional beam pumping unit. With the bearing load less than 14 ton, the pump hanging depth could vary between 500 ~ 2600 meters. The system can be installed at the ambient temperature between -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C. Thanks to the system feature of acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, anti-aging, anti Scaling, anti-wax, and wear-resistant, the life of the rod is extended substantially and oil production efficiency is improved enormously. Other advantage of the ultra-long stroke pump unit includes energy saving, stable operation, fewer maintenance parts, remote monitoring and management, less maintenance and maintenance personnel which has greatly reduced production and operation costs. At present, the flexible long stroke lift technology has broken through the technical limit of heavy oil thermal recovery and lifting, which can meet the lifting process conditions of high water cut wells, light and heavy oil.

Product Feature

  1. Improved lifting efficiency
  2. Improved energy-saving effeciency
  3. Improved system stability
  4. Reduced wear on the tube
  5. Reduced investment
  6. Reduced maintenance and repair costs

High Lifting Efficiency

Simple structure, high transmission efficiency, long stroke, high pumping efficiency under low stroke frequency

High System Running Stability

Low-speed operation leading to the system running stability and less workover on wells.

Reduced the problem on Tube wear

Greatly reduce the number of eccentric tube wear, effectively eliminate fatigue damage

Less System Maintenance

Less operating frequency reduced maintenance workload substantially

Low Energy cost

System running low energy consumption, substantial energy saving in compare with traditional beam pumping system

Intellegint Control

Real-time data monitoring, remote control, soft start/stop, and change direction

Less Capital investment

Roller winch, simple structure, low-profile rack

Safe and reliable

Auto shutdown and protection on system over/lost load, under-voltage, over-current and fault

Main Technical Data

  • Meet 0.5t / d ~ 80t / d oil well production
  • Stroke length 5 ~ 50m
  • Stroke frequency 1 ~ 12n / h
  • Pump hanging depth 500 ~ 2600m
  • Flexible rod temperature -40 ~ 100 ℃
  • Meet the working load 6 ~ 14t

Comparison to Traditional Beam Pumping Unit

  • Reduced the stroke frequency to 1/60
  • Stroke length increased to 16.7 times
  • System efficiency increased more than 15%
  • Pump efficiency increased by 30%
  • Daily power consumption reduced by 65%
  • System stability increased by 1.5 times

Key Contributor

  • Flexible polished rod and seal
  • Ultra-long stroke pumping pumpl
  • Ⅱ generation planetary gear box
  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Production monitoring and protection system
  • Other auxiliary parts


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